Aerial Access & Material Handling Equipment

Bow Painting with 86-Ft Boom Lift

Port-Side Marine can provide a wide variety of aerial access equipment designed to suit any application and vessel size.

With our extensive fleet of telescopic and articulated booms for material handling and personnel carriers we can provide safe and efficient access up to working heights of 140-FT (42 meters).

54 Ft. / 10000 LB Telescopic Material Handler - carpet loading operations

Our "Cherry Pickers" can be used for any application requiring personnel access to difficult to reach areas. Working from the safety of an 8 ft enclosed platform your crew will be able to perform their maintenance tasks with ease, including:

  • High and low pressure washing
  • Hull cleaning, corrosion & rust stain removal
  • Steel preparation & painting 
  • Davit greasing &  safety inspections
  • Window cleaning
  • Glass replacement & repair
  • Glass restoration and protection
  • Welding and steel repairs
  • Anchor replacement
  • Lifeboat fiberglass and gel coat repairs & restoration
  • Hull and equipment inspections and surveys


Our "Telehandlers" have material handling and lifting capabilities of up to 10,000 Lbs with a reach of up to 54ft. Capable of handling a variety of loads, including liferafts, carpet rolls, tools and materials. Speed, versatility and maneuverability make these machines invaluable during stores and equipment loading operations especially pre and post dry-dock.